Valentine cards

When it is raining outside children get bored. Parents and kids can prepare Valentine’s Day cards for entire family. I am sure every grandma and grandpa will be happy when they get the handcrafted valentine’s card from their grandchildren.

Proposition of Valentine cards

Valentine cards

You will need:

  • color paper;
  • small pictures of your kid, pictures can be printed on regular paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • stickers;
  • stamps, if your child can not write, you can help him/her with the stamps, you can also print words on a regular sheet of paper, cut them out and glue to the other side of the card;
  • glitter.

Materials needed

Let’s start:

Remember when you work with kids on a project, the pace of work depends on a child. If a child is tired, take a break and  return to the project later.

Fold one piece of paper “in four”. Then draw a heart shape and cut it out.

From one sheet of paper you get four hearts. Let your kid stick one photo on every heart.

On the other side of the heart put some words. If your child can write give him/her a pen or stamps. If your child can not write, print some words on white paper then cut them out and glue them to the back of the card.

 The easiest way to decorate those cards is to use some stickers. Even the youngest artists will have no problem with stickers. Collect all kinds of stickers you may have at home and give them to your child. Kids certainly will know what to do with them.

Use glitter because you have to wait till it is dry. Use glitter with glue, because it is easier for kids.

Enjoy the moment with your child!


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