Decorative Easter eggs

You can make these decorative Easter eggs with your kids.

Decorative eggs

You will need:

  • 10 styrofoam eggs, it is best to have eggs in different sizes, if you bought unpainted eggs paint them first;
  • 3 meters of thin ribbon, color of the ribbon should mach with table service or room arrangement;
  • 10 pins;
  • white threads;
  • tape to attach the eggs to the ceiling.

Let’s start:

Allow your kid to insert one pin on the top of each egg. Insert the pin into the wider side of the egg. Before you give a pin to your kid  explain him/her that a pin can prick so he/ she must be careful not to hurt himself/herself. Give your kid one egg and one pin at a time.

The pin should stick out about 1cm from the egg. We will tie a bow on it

When you will tie a bow let your child hold the egg. If the child is old enough let him/her tie the bows, it will be a good training.

To hang an egg, fasten a thread to the pin. A very simple way to attach a thread is shown on the picture below.

The egg is ready!

The final effect.

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