Easter tea light holder

This easy to make candle holder will be perfect on your Easter table. This project is good even for a two year old.

Easter tea light holder

You will need:

  • two glass containers, one smaller, as a tea light holder and one big enough to hold the smaller container;
  • small styrofoam eggs;
  • ribbon matching the table set;
  • tea light.

Let’s start:

Put the small container upside down inside the large container, like on the picture below.

Let your kid put the eggs in the large container. Do not put too many eggs, just to the top of the small container. Tea lights can be very hot, none of the eggs can touch the tea light.

Let’s tie a bow on the large container. If your child does not know how to tie a bow, he/she can help to hold first knot of the bow with a finger .

Here is a finished tea light holder.


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