Easter egg shells

With your help even a two year old will be able to make this decoration for his/her room. These colorful eggs are blown egg-shells painted and decorated by a two year old and a four year old. Parent’s role is to prepare eggs shells, tie a bow and take care of work safety.

Best Easter egg shells

You will need:

  • blown egg-shells, make sure that your egg-shells are washed, especially if your kid is allergic to eggs. Prepare 2-3 egg-shells for every child.
  • BBQ skewer sticks, in the same amount as egg-shells;
  • tape to attach the eggs to a stick;
  • paints;
  • brushes;
  • small container with water;
  • glue;
  • stickers;
  • glitter;
  • scissors;
  • white thread;
  • buttons;
  • ribbons;
  • wet wipes to keep your hands clean.

Let’s start:

As I mentioned earlier the egg-shells have to be clean.

Secure the place/station where the kids will be working. Place some paper  on the table and secure it with tape.

Remember, when your kid gets bored, take a break. Adjust the pace of work to a child, then your co-operation will be good.

Using the skewer make a few holes in the egg box – you will have a stand to dry your egg shells. Stick the skewer all the way through the egg-shell, then using the tape secure the eggs on the skewer stick. Each egg-shell has to be secured with tape from both sides, so that is does not move.

Now it is time to explain to your child that egg-shells are very delicate and skewer can prick.

Child  should hold the skewer with an egg-shell with one hand and the brush with the other hand.

After painting, place the egg-shell with the stick on the stander and let dry. Move on to the next egg-shell.

When the egg-shells are dry, start decorating them with some stickers.

Glitter your egg shell and dry it again.

Prepare buttons, threads and scissors.

Peel off the tapes which secure the egg-shell and pull the stick out.

Make a cut at the top of the skewer .

Take a thread and insert it into the cut on the stick. This way you will have a tool to pull thread through the holes in the egg-shells.

Insert the skewer with a thread into the egg-shell so that the stick goes through. Older kids (4 years) should be ok with this step.

Pull the thread out of the skewer then carefully pull the skewer out of the egg shell.

Attach a button on the thread’s end.

Tie a bow next to the button. Let your kid choose the ribbon.

Examples of finished Easter egg-shells:

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