Handmade Easter cards

Today I will show you how to make Easter cards with your child.

We will make eight Easter cards.

Easter cards

You will need:

  • 8 rectangles 20 x 10 cm cut out from color paper;
  • 8 white rectangles 12 x 6 cm from white paper;
  • yellow non-toxic paint;
  • soft brush;
  • washable markers: black, orange, green;
  • 8 subtitles e.g. Happy Easter, you can use your printer;
  • 8 white cards containing wishes, they can not be bigger than 20 x 10 cm, you can print these wishes too;
  • glue stick;
  • 8 envelopes.

Lets start:

Prepare all materials in advance. Mom can prepare color rectangles and white rectangles. Dad can print subtitles and wishes. Printed subtitles and wishes should be torn out from the big sheet of paper.

When you collected all the necessary materials, invite the children to work.

We will do finger prints on the white pieces of the 12 x 6 cm paper. 2-year-old kids will need your help, older kids (4 year) can handle it themselves. Brush child’s one thumb with yellow paint using a brush, then place the thumb on the paper and press it. We will make happy chicks out of these yellow finger prints. Put these cards aside and let them dry.

Now, when the paint is dry draw chicks’ eyes using black marker.

Draw chicks’ beaks and feet using orange marker. A green marker will be used to draw the grass.

The cards are almost ready.

 Glue all of the card’s elements together using a glue stick. On the front of the 20 x 10 cm color rectangle glue the subtitle and the rectangle with yellow chicks, then on the back of the big rectangle glue the paper containing wishes.

If you want, you can also decorate the envelopes. In one corner of the envelope make one chick exactly the same as the one on the card.


6 thoughts on “Handmade Easter cards

  1. These are so darling! My children love to make things like this. Thanks so much for the idea and inspiration this morning.

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