Spring gardening

I remember when I was a little girl my mother allowed me to have my own place in the garden where I could plant my own plants. I loved taking care of my little garden. Now, when I became a mother I allowed to my kids attend the spring work in the garden. I think your kids could have a lot of fun in the garden too. Let them dig a hole in the ground for the tomato plants.

Last Saturday I went to the nursery store with my family and we bought a few tomato and strawberry plants and one zucchini plant.

Tomatoes grow well even in a pot, so if you do not have your own garden you can always plant tomatoes in a pot on your balcony. If you decide to grow tomatoes in a pot, I recommend you purchase cherry tomatoes.

Now, when we have some plants we can start playing-working with kids in the garden.

A day earlier I prepared soil where we decided to plant our plants.

I showed the children where they should dig the holes for tomatoes and the rest of the plants. I gave a shovel to my kids and they started working on the holes:

After digging the holes there was the time to start planting those plants. Before the children began to plant I showed them how to pull the plants from the pot, how to hold the plant, and how to plant.

Our plants were very quickly in place:

Later on we decided to sow some corn for our Popo (hamster). Our pet will be very happy in the fall.

At the end of the work in our garden my daughter found a salamander. Here it is:

I wish you to have a lot of fun like we did.

Let me know what your kid decided to plant.

5 thoughts on “Spring gardening

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  3. My wife at one time when the children were younger took a toddler swimming pool in the shape of a turtle and would put dirt and mulch into it to have the children plant their yearly strawberries. This post reminded me of some wonderful days with our children. That little pool produced so many strawberries, it is a great idea for anyone who can’t have a full-blown “garden”.

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