Throwing bean bags

Throwing bean bags

 We needed some bean bags for my son’s birthday party to play the throwing game with. Children were delighted with these bean bags, I think your children will love them too, especially if you let them help you make these bean bags. For example kids can choose the fabric that they like the most.

I dug out out of the closet a few small pieces of fleece and severals other cotton fabrics. Then we chose the fabrics that kids like the most and I started sewing the bags. Then I invited the kids to work. I prepared some buckwheat groats to fill the bags with. You can use rice, dry peas, mustard seeds and many other dry seeds. I also prepared a big funnel and a spoon. The task for the kids was to fill the bags with the seeds using the funnel and a spoon.

 I sewed the unstitched holes in the bags myself using a needle with a matching thread.

My kids had a lot of fun while filling the bags.

I wish you to have a great fun too.

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