Ball dress for a girl

Some time ago I designed and made a dress for my daughter for big occasions. If you are curious about the final effect I invite you to see a few photos bellow.

The dress has a big, impressive bow at the back. I designed that bow as a men’s bow-tie. Thanks to special design of the bow the dress’ bow shapes up fabulously. See it yourself:

This dress in made from yellow cotton fabric. On the back of the dress there are 4 buttons. I covered them with the same fabric as the dress is made of. The bow, the bottom and the top of the dress are decorated with glass beads, which makes this dress one of a kind. I handmade the hem of the sleeves so the seam is invisible.

Dress has a tulle petticoat which gives the dress volume. The front of the dress looks like this:

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Ball dress for a girl

  1. Very cute! Love the beading – great detail! I love that you used cotton too; much better idea than something that can’t be washed easily and might end up being too warm. Nice!

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